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Much more than a solar company. GoPineapple is a good energy company. We provide superior solar and smart home solutions that work beautifully. 

For those who embrace freedom.

GoPineapple is for those who embrace freedom. We are independent thinkers, concerned with future environmental and financial prosperity. We think you should have control over your utilities, not huge corporations.

We have the power to produce and manage our own energy needs by working with Mother Nature as opposed to just taking from her. We act now in ways that prepare a better place for our future generations.
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  • Stephanie Griffith
    We highly recommend working with GoPineapple and Leighton. Leighton is very knowledgeable about the entire process and he helped us find the best solar company to work with. He came to our house after dinner and walked us through the process step by step (he was so sweet to our dog). After our discussion we felt very confident to move forward with Solar. I have told many of my friends and family members about this company. If you are researching solar power you must call GoPineapple! Thank you Leighton and your awesome team.
    Cole Myers
    What I appreciated most about Leighton was his no pressure approach to providing a solar option. The process was detailed and straightforward. Solution was less than what others in the neighborhood had paid and works as expected, savings! Leighton has stayed in touch throughout and has always been available to answer questions as needed. Don't waste time with shopping around, GoPineapple does that for you!
  • Peter Firth
    After meeting with Leighton, we didn’t need to pursue any other solar companies…everything was exactly what we were looking for and at a VERY competitive price! Go with GoPineapple and you won’t have ANY regrets.
    Elijah Smith
    I have loved having solar panels! Since I’ve got them my electric bill has decreased significantly. They looked at my usage of the past year and projected how many I would need to cover approximately 70%, but it is covered more. My only complaint is that it was a little bit more than they had originally said it would be but again they only gave me approximations. I am very happy with the service and would recommend them to any and all of my friends or family.

Add value to your home.

Photovoltaic Systems
Energy Storage
Smart Home

Photovoltaic (Solar) systems and you

Solar panels collect energy from sunlight. The electrical current produced (DC) is then converted by an inverter to useable (AC) power for your home. How many panels are needed for a home directly relates to how much energy is used within that home and the amount of sun hours the panels receive. Simply put, more panels = more POWAH!

Chat with a specialist to determine how much solar is right for you.

Energy storage via battery backup

Batteries are used to store power for when the electricity is out or when the sun is down and solar panels are not producing. Batteries come in a variety of sizes and capabilities. Oftentimes they are stackable, meaning one can add multiple together as to be able to provide additional capacity. How much capacity depends upon how much power is being used within the home and also upon how many circuits one would like to have backup power provided to in the event of an outage.

Chat with a specialist to determine how a battery could work with your home.

Welcome to the smart home future

As technology continues to progress we’re now able to monitor more and more of the things our home utilizes right from the convenience of our smartphone. Smart thermostats can help reduce energy usage by optimizing HVAC systems to run when needed. Lights can be scheduled to be on when desired or turned on/off remotely from your phone or voice command. See who’s at your door or when a package was left with doorbell and security cameras. EV owners can quickly charge their vehicle with a fast charger in their garage or carport. Protect and manage your home with more confidence and ease with modern smart home features.

Chat with a specialist to go over what smart home features would benefit your home best.

*Many energy efficient upgrades to a home come with federal and or local incentives, talk with a specialist to see what incentives are available for you.

The future is solar and we're here to make it happen.

Here's what we're all about.

Financially and environmentally. 

The most useful form of energy is electricity and it can be produced in both cleaner and cheaper ways than the methods we as humans have become accustomed to, until now. We fight for environmental and financial sustainability.
Get sustainable.
Some businesses are typically very good at hiding the truth or disguising inherently bad things as good. That isn’t cool. We believe in being open and honest about the data and facts that are available. The best decisions are made when we have accurate and well rounded information, not when they’re driven by the dollar. We fight for transparency.
Work with us and everything will be made clear
At the end of they day us humans are all the same. We all want love, security, good health and happy environment. GoPineapple believes in sharing the best of what life has to offer with the people that surround us. Spreading Good Energy for all is the best way to build a strong community.
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Physically, mentally, financially and educationally. We embrace growth in all important factors of life.
Grow with us

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This is the GoPineapple family

We enjoy root beer floats, sunny Saturday soccer games and saving the planet. Come one, come all and join our community in creating a more sustainable future.
Leighton Yuma
"The future I see is sustainably powered by the sun, one where humans have a healthy relationship with our Mother Earth. My goal is to leave this planet better than we found it for future generations to enjoy."
Spencer Stone
Operations Manager
"Our planet is a unique one and I want to make sure it’s taken care of for generations to come."
Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions? Let’s find answers.
After going solar, will I still receive a bill from my utility company?
Yes, most of our customers will still pay a vastly reduced utility bill, in addition to their monthly solar loan payment. Typically, our customers will consume more electricity than their solar system generates, and will owe their utility for that excess consumption. However, if you generate more than you use, you may be eligible for credits from your utility provider.
What are the upfront costs?
Zero. Your monthly payments come after the system has been installed.
What if my system stops working?
We'll monitor your system and handle everything if anything goes wrong for 25 years.
What happens to my roof?
Nothing should happen, but if any damage is caused by the installers we'll fix it immediately.
What is a UCC-1 financing statement and is it a lien on my home?
If financed or leased, the finance or leasing company will secure your solar project through a lien on the solar equipment itself by filing a UCC-1, or Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement, and county fixture filing. The filings are not a lien against your home, so they do not hold any formal position in your home (first, second, or otherwise). You will, however, find a UCC-1 fixture filing on the title of your property. The finance or leasing company file UCC-1 and county fixture filings to protect their rights as the financier of the system. If for whatever reason your mortgage on the real property forecloses on your home, the UCC-1 filing protects their security interest in the system, while preventing your mortgage lender from taking ownership of it.
What happens to the UCC-1 during a refinance?
You'll call the solar finance or lending company and ask them to lift the UCC-1 and county fixture filing on the solar equipment for a limited period provided they will be able to refile upon closing of the mortgage refinancing.
What happens if I move?
Congratulations on the move! Just let us know and we can make arrangements with your realtor, broker, title company, escrow agent, trusts, holdings co, etc to ensure the successful handoff to the new homeowners.

You have two options:
1) Pay off the remaining balance
In the vast majority of cases homeowners choose to pay off any remaining balance through the sale of their home.
2) Transfer the loan
However, if the new homeowner wishes to assume the remaining payments, he/she must apply to qualify. If the new homeowner is approved, then he/she assumes full responsibility of the loan. In very rare circumstances, if he/she is not approved, then you must pay off
the remaining balance of the solar system.
How long do solar panels last?
Solar panels have a lifespan of approximately 25-30 years. And typically, they come with warranties to match. Power output warranties guarantee that panel performance won't fall below a specified level over the term of the warranty (usually 25 years). For instance, a manufacturer might provide a warranty to guarantee that peak power output won't fall below 85 percent for 25 years.
Do they require a lot of maintenance?
Solar panels are incredibly durable and require little to no maintenance. The only thing they need is a periodic light cleaning to make sure dirt, leaves, and other debris aren't obstructing the sun's rays. The only time you may need more extensive maintenance is during periods of heavy snowfall, or if your panels' energy output starts to decrease.
What if something goes wrong?
In the event that something does go wrong, your solar PV system components have very long warranties that would cover replacement of parts. If you lease your solar panel system, repairs and maintenance are the leasing company's responsibility, not yours. You can reach out to your installer at anytime for guidance and help on what steps to take.
How does the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) work?
The ITC in 2021 is a 26% federal tax credit for solar systems on residential properties. As the owner of the solar energy system, you may be eligible to apply the credit as a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the federal income taxes that you owe in the year that your solar system was installed. If the ITC granted for your solar system is greater than your tax liabilities in the year that you purchased your solar energy system, you may be able to apply the remaining ITC in the subsequent year. To determine your eligibility for any federal solar investment tax credit, you should make an independent assessment or consult with your tax advisor. Some states and/or utilities offer additional credits and rebates above the ITC Tax credit.
How do I qualify?
If you are a wage earner and owe taxes to the federal government, then you may benefit from this credit.
How much do I qualify for?
You may qualify to receive up to 26% of the value of the system. If you don't have that in tax liability, you can roll it over to subsequent years of taxation to reap the full amount.

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Much more than a solar company. GoPineapple is a good energy company. We provide superior solar and smart home solutions that work beautifully.
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